Artist Bio

Born, raised, and educated on Treaty 6 land, I have developed my practice by combining sculpture, intermedia, and painting. As an artist my work, narrative, and materials are always in flux. Depending on my intent I allow the mediums to grow around the work, supporting and evolving through the process. The process and how I get to the finished piece is just as important as the finished work in my mind: I document everything, constantly aware of the fragility of my materials and the ephemeral nature of each piece.

“Forgotten 1”

Over the course of my BFA I have developed work on a variety of topics including, genetics and hereditary conditions, MDD and mental health, sexual assault, isolation, the presence of our bodies, and more recently the idea of an objects lived experiences. While my topics vary, I approach each project the same way in that I am highly committed to the relationship between form and content.  In the past I have used “softer” materials like fabric, and yarn, that when combined (e.i. knitting) the materials adapt and becomes inviolable. More recently I have been working with passed down or unwanted dishware, cutlery, and pottery: taking each piece and reconstructing it in a new nonconventional way, reinventing its purpose, and giving it a new identity. 

“Forgotten 2”

It is not so much where my motivation comes from but rather how it manages to survive.

– Louise Bourgeois